– Activate Norton Subscription Via Norton is an antivirus that has gained a reputation for being one of the most popular internet security platforms in the world. It gives you the utmost protection against malware, viruses, cyber threats, and ransomware.

Whether you’re a first-timer or having a Norton Antivirus subscription for some time, you’ll need a login ID to connect to your Norton account and get the Norton setup file downloaded and installed on your device along with latest updates of the Norton Antivirus products.

To save your system from malicious websites that may very likely contain such viruses, we need to install a Norton setup via the official website that goes by the URL to fight against such issues.

Purchase Norton setup products via a retail shop

Norton products are available in computer retail shops in your residential area. All you need is to step out of your house and locate a nearby retail shop for computer parts. Purchase the latest version of Norton products retail card along with product key to deploying Norton security on your computer.

You can pay for the subscription by various payment modes such as credit card and debit card or online transaction. When you confirm the purchase, you will receive a notification on your email ID which comprises all the details of your purchase order along with payment receipt.

Here is a small list of popular Norton products and services you can purchase via a retail shop:

· Norton Security Premium

· Norton Security Deluxe

· Norton Antivirus Basics

· Norton Small Business

· Norton Security Standard

· Norton Core Security Router

· Norton Wi-Fi Privacy

Enter your product key and protect your loved ones

Whatever Norton product you subscribe, will give you a product key and solutions to halt the relentless march of cyberattacks that pose a grave threat to our digital security and private life. A product key will be issued to you to help access the products. You can retrieve the key via a registered email address that you used to purchase the product or through a retail card.

How to redeem product key from a retail card?

It is relatively a simple process. All you need is to ensure safety measures when you peel off the back cover of your retail card to redeem the product key. The retail card contains a CD/DVD for installation of Norton product along with a set of instructions to help you download, install and activate Norton security.

Follow the guidelines to ensure an uninterrupted download and install process

Make sure to follow the instructions in the exact manner exhibited in this document to ensure a safe download and installation process of Norton Setup via

1. Go through the “Start Menu” and run your web browser 2. Just the official URL and log in to your existing Norton account

3. Enter your credentials to sign in to your Norton account that you, most probably, created at the time of your Norton subscription.

4. If you are a first time user and don’t have Norton account at present, then you are recommended to click on the “Sign up” button and fill in your personal details to create a new account

5. Sign in to your new account, go to the “Get Started” page, and enter your activation code

· For Online Purchase: Retrieve your activation code from the Purchase confirmation order by visiting your registered email ID.

· For Offline Purchase: Retrieve your activation code from the retail card you purchased from a retail shop.

6. To enroll in Norton Auto-Renewal Service, you need to provide your bank details, credit or debit card details, address to confirm the enrollment.

7. If you have multiple products in your account, then select the you purchased to initiate the downloading process

8. Depending on your web browser, click “Run” to execute the downloaded file or Save the file on your desktop

9. Double-click the Norton Setup file to launch the installation process

10. Review the End User License Agreement and click “Agree and Install”

11. Perform the rest of the steps accordingly to complete the installation.

Follow the instructions to activate Norton Setup

1. Select the Norton Setup icon on your desktop and press to left-click twice on it

2. Press “Activate” to enter your product key

3. Sign in your Norton account and then press “Next”

4. Press “Activate Now” and your Norton setup are ready to scan, detect and remove threats.

How to renew the Norton Subscription

The simplest way to renew your Norton products is from inside your product:

1. Open your Norton application

2. Go to the main window and look for the renewal section at the bottom of the window

3. Select the “Renew” option and follow the rest of the on-screen guidelines to renew the product

You can also enroll in Auto-renewal services to get your Norton products renewed automatically before they get expired. The amount for renewal of the product will be deducted from your credit or debit card you registered while purchasing the subscription. You will be notified of the renewal with email notification on your registered email ID.

What’s new in Norton Security 2020?

· Defends against online threats and faster scanning

· Blocks spam and email that contains malicious content

· Parental controls

· Password manager

· PC optimization tool

· Self-sufficient Firewall Protection

· Online identity and financial protection

· easy-to-use design and navigation

How to remove installation error with Norton setup via

You won’t be pleased when you see an “error” message on your screen creating a hurdle in the installation process. Such errors may appear for quite a number of reasons but it is essential to find out how to successfully troubleshoot the problem.

Download and run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool

1. First, you need to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and save the file on your desktop

2. Go to the web browser download history and locate the downloaded file, press Ctrl+J key

3. Click twice on NRnR icon on your desktop

4. Accept the conditions of the user license

5. Click “Advanced” options

6. Click “Remove only”

7. Click “Remove”

8. Click “Restart now”

Once the system reboots, follow the on-screen guidelines to reinstall Norton

Last opinion

If you face troubles while following any of the instructions mentioned above, please feel free to contact Norton Customer Support services via the phone number, live chat or email for technical assistance on the matter.

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