Deploy Anti-theft feature from the Norton Mobile Security

You can download and install Norton Setup via on your mobile devices. Norton setup Mobile security provides a range of features to help users safeguard their mobile devices from viruses and malware. However, there are additional features available that may come handy in scenarios where you can’t locate your mobile device.

For people using Norton Mobile Security should know about different anti-theft features they can use via the internet or SMS to locate their lost devices. Both web-based and SMS-based Anti-theft feature uses the same auto-generated passcode that becomes available to the user at the time of mobile registration. To view or edit your passcode, you need to sign in to your Norton account via

Steps to activate the Anti-Theft feature to locate mobile devices by using phone Finder:

  1. Open your web browser and visit
  2. Sign in to your Norton account by entering your username and password
  3. Navigate to the drop-down list under “Choose a device to Manage” option. Select the mobile device on which you want to deploy the Anti-theft feature.
  4. An Anti-theft features wizard will display on your screen. Click on any one of the following features and follow the prompts to activate the selected feature.
  • Lock Device: Type a custom message that you want to be visible on the front screen of your mobile phone and tap on “Lock Device”.
  • Remove Screen Lock: Press “Screen Lock” to unlock your mobile phone
  • Lost Mode: Select “Turn On Lost Mobile” to lock your mobile device and track its location automatically, make audible sound and take photographs, to help find your device.
  • Locate: Select the feature “Locate” to find out the present location of your mobile phone on Google Map
  • Scream: Select the “Scream” feature to command your mobile device to make an audible sound to find its location. This feature comes in handy if you lost the phone in your home.
  • Sneak Peek: Select the “Sneak Peek” feature to command your mobile device take a photograph of what’s in front of it, by using the front camera option.
  • Wipe: Select the feature “Wipe” to command your phone to clean all your personal data if you fail to locate your lost device
  • Call: Select this feature to command your mobile device to make an internal call to find out its location.

In case, you wish to reset your passcode, you can click “SMS” command located under the Anti-theft feature panel. Enter the passcode you want to change and click “Update”.

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